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For over 1000 years the Catholic Faith was the religion of our country, and St. Dunstan was one of the most holy and influential Catholic Archbishops in this land.


Our Church is named after this great saint, who was Archbishop of Canterbury in the 10th Century. He is famed for rejuvenating the monastic life in England and for his role as guide and teacher to kings and princes across many matters. He was holy, intelligent, gifted with artistic skills and, above all, faithful to Jesus Christ, Whose teachings are safeguarded and preserved by the Catholic Church.


St. Dunstan travelled to Rome and received his mandate to guide the Catholic Church from the Pope himself. This still happens today, where each Catholic Archbishop makes the same journey to promise fidelity to the Holy Father, as the successor of St. Peter and visible head of the Catholic Church on earth. The Bishops and Archbishops then delegate this authority to Catholic priests under their supervision. St. Dunstan, as a priest, offered Holy Mass every day.


For him, as for Catholic today, the Holy Mass would have been the centre of his life. Even though many centuries have passed since the days of our Patron, we are united with him, sharing the safe faith, united in our fidelity to the Holy Father and through participating in the same sacraments.

Saint Dunstan, Pray for us!


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