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Are you thinking of becoming a Catholic?

Or are you a baptised Catholic but have not received the sacrament of confirmation?


If you are not a Catholic and would be interested to learn more about the Catholic faith please contact the priest in charge

A preparation course is offered to assist those considering becoming Catholic. The Catholic Faith is the religion founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ while He was on earth. Becoming a Catholic, if you are not already one, is the best decision you could possibly make. The Catholic Faith offers salvation, it offers forgiveness, it offers friendship with Our Lord and the company of all the saints. 


This programme is also suitable for those adults who are baptised Catholics but have not received the sacrament of confirmation.

For more details, please contact the Parish Office



Please use the following form to get in touch. Use it to present any questions you have about the Catholic Faith, Fr. will get back to you with a response or arrange to meet with you if you would like to meet in person.

Fr. will get back to you soon, thanks for your message! 

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