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Parish Mission 10th-17th June 2023

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During our Parish Mission, a team from the Legion of Mary will be visiting all the homes in our parish. Do not be surprised if they knock at your door! The legionaries are there to share something of the Catholic Faith with you, to listen to your questions and to offer you a blessed medal of Our Lady. They will carry you in their prayers and offer you an opportunity to draw closer to God by visiting our Church.

If you are a Practicing Catholic already then you will be able to share some of your own joys with the legionaries, perhaps you might offer to pray for them and maybe you will be able to gain  mutual encouragement in living out the Catholic Faith. 

If you are not a Catholic or have been away from Mass and Confession for a while, here is a great opportunity to take a step towards the life of grace. There is daily Mass in our parish this week, as well as a holy hour during which confessions will be available.

On Friday 16th June at 7pm there will be a Holy Mass to conclude the mission week. All are invited and there will be a small celebration in the hall afterwards.

The Legion of Mary is a lay organisation within the Catholic Church and its members are in full compliance with the diocesan safeguarding best practices. 

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